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What To Wear For Senior Pictures – Zanesville Photographer

Yep! Its probably my MOST asked client question – “What should I wear?” ¬†I’ve been doing this for awhile, so I might know a thing or two about what works & what doesn’t. ¬†So, before you tear everything out of your closet &¬†pull out half your hair &, let’s talk!


Choosing what you wear to your Senior Session is kind of a big deal.  After all, anyone that cares about fashion will tell you that what you wear is an expression of who you are. Its obviously not the only thing that defines you, but we all know how much time we spend obsessing over what to wear before a big event, right?! And this is HUGE!

One of the most important things you can do for your session is secure a great wardrobe. It can mean the difference between a good portrait of you & an AMAZING portrait of you. A great wardrobe can be interpreted in many different ways, but what they all have in common is that they leave you feeling confident, which will show through in your pictures.

_BVP2408 copy

So, where do you even start when planning your wardrobe? 

Your Senior pictures should reflect who you are, right here, right now. This is a pivotal point in your life, as you transition from childhood to adulthood, so each piece of the wardrobe should help to tell the story. ¬†I like to have my seniors put together¬†AT LEAST¬†3 completely different outfits. ¬†One outfit that they feel extremely comfortable in, that they would be seen day to day in at school (on the casual side). ¬†One outfit that would be considered a current trend for them, such as we’ve seen with boho, or floppy hats. ¬†And another outfit that is considered classic, or timeless. We all have different sides that we ¬†show the world at different times. ¬†For this reason I often encourage¬†an additional look that represents who you are in your own mind, ¬†something that you might not get the chance to portray¬†in your day to day life. ¬†This may be a pink tutu with a black leather jacket, ¬†the prom dress with a balloon bouquet or glitter, ¬†a past decade theme, ¬†Americana, or a fairytale theme… ¬†I mean, how often do we get the opportunity to show THAT side of who we are?!


Your Senior session should represent you as a whole person, not just one side of you.

Finding inspiration for your wardrobe can be as simple as flipping through your favorite magazines, looking through Pinterest or Instagram, ¬†browsing your favorite store’s website, or paying attention to your favorite musician or TV shows.

Where you shop doesn’t matter as much as where you gather your inspiration. Think about head to toe styling. ¬†Add hats, ¬†hair accessories, ¬†jewelry, scarves, ¬†or whatever else completes your outfits. The most important thing to remember is that you should feel confident & fabulous in your wardrobe!

And as your photographer, ¬†I would LOVE to see snapshots of your outfits before the session! Not just because I’m dying to see your fun ideas, but because it can help us¬†choose your session locations. ¬†In fact, throw in some extras when you come, ¬†just in case we want to change it up a bit, or feel inspired based on our mood or location!

In the end, this is all about YOU! We want you to look, & feel like a bajillion bucks!

If visuals help, here is a link to my Pinterest board with lots of great ideas!

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Bella Valentina Photography’s 2017 Senior Street Squad Member Haley Phipps!

Say hello to Haley!!! She is an exclusive member of my 2017 Senior Street Squad!

senior rep haley

Haley Phipps comes to me from Tri Valley & is in Competition Cheer, National Honor Society, Student Council & 4H! She’s a Cancer, her favorite colors are teal/aqua & orange, her favorite places to shop are American Eagle, Victoria Secret, & PacSun & her personal style is anything from sweats to dresses, depending on her mood! Her favorite artists are Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, Compass, and her celebrity crush is Shawn Mendes!

Here’s a little more of our Q & A!

Q: What is the most exciting thing you’ve done in the last year?

Haley: Trip to NYC!

Q: What is your favorite way to enjoy your time outside of school?

Haley: Hanging with my friends & family

Q: What would your dream photo shoot look like?

Haley: Different, stands out compared to others, truly represents who I am

Q: Who do you look up to & why?

Haley: My mom, she’s the strongest and most beautiful person I know. She has taught me everything I know and I owe it all to her

Q: What is going to be the best thing about being a Senior?

Haley: College is just around the corner & i have the freedom to leave here

Q: Where do you want to be in one year?

Haley: College

Q: What are your life dreams?

Haley: Living happily, and healthily ever after doing things i love with the people I love.

Q: What does ‘Beautiful’ mean to you?

Haley: Having a good mind, heart and soul; being yourself

(I LOVE this answer) <3


haley collage


Thank you Haley! I loved getting to know you & I can’t wait for our group shoot

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Xo, Jessica!

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