Bella Valentina Photography’s 2017 Senior Street Squad Member Menly Lutz!

Say hello to Menly!!! She is an exclusive member of my 2017 Senior Street Squad!

menly senior rep

Menly Lutz comes to me from Tri Valley! She’s involved in high school and club competitive swimming, National Honor Society, 4-H, Jr.Leaders, Livestock Committee, 4-H committee and on Jr. Fair Board. She’s a Scorpio, her favorite color is pink, her favorite artist is The Weeknd, and her celebrity crush is Ryan Lochte! Her personal style is clean, casual, & trendy & she likes to shop at Nordstroms for the shoes & bags!

Here’s a little more of our Q & A!

Q: What is the most exciting thing you’ve done in the last year?

Menly: Going on vacation with my best friend.

Q: What is your favorite way to enjoy your time outside of school?

Menly: Spending time with friends and shopping.

Q: What would your dream photo shoot look like?

Menly: My dream shoot would be in the Bahamas on a super pretty beach.

Q: Me running down a hill with all my aniamls running after.

Menly: My mother, she’s had so many accomplishments in her life and she’s a fantastic mom just how I want to be when I’m older.

Q: What is going to be the best thing about being a Senior?

Menly: You’re almost done with High Schools about to be on your own. Also you get special privileges.

Q: Where do you want to be in one year?

Menly: I want to be in college having a great time.

Q: What are your life dreams?

Menly: To become a large animal vet with a huge house with a great husband and kids somewhere where it is warm all the time on a farm.

Q: What does ‘Beautiful’ mean to you?

Menly: Being pretty on the out side but also having a great personality to be all together beautiful.

menly collage

Thank you Menly! Thank you for letting me get up close and personal!

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Xo, Jessica!

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