Session Styling & Shopping! {Bella Valentina Photography – Zanesville, Ohio}

ย Yes, its been a while since I’ve blogged. Okay, okay, its been FOREVER lol, but I’m going to make an honest effort to share more. First & foremost about business. But my business is ME; I put so much of myself in to it & from now on, that’s exactly how my blog will be. I will definitely share session images, & specials I have coming up. But I’m probably also going to share recipes, & music, & inspiration, & shopping related things… in fact, it may be a little bit of everything, but it all makes up who I am.

This morning, after 3 hours of getting children ready & both my trips getting them to the school of course, I finally sat down to check my emails. I get a daily Zulily email, because, I may be slightly addicted to shopping. Or to be more exact, adding things to a cart that I rarely ever commit to checking out of lol.

But, YOU GUYS!!! Today there was Joyfolie Apparel AND Footwear…

Gold Umber Sequins Leggings - Toddler & GirlsGray & Cream Maya Top - Toddler & Girls

Cream Bones & Roses Tee - Toddler & GirlsPrimrose Lillia Dress - Toddler & Girls

Gold Hazel Skirt - Toddler & GirlsApricot Opal Dress - Girls

Stone & Pink Rose FedoraBlush Gia Ruffle Capelet - Girls

Cream Lace Hi-Low Skirt - Toddler & GirlsWhite Wildflower Overlay Dress - Toddler & Girls

Black Boho HatCream & Pink Jasmine Button-Up - Toddler & Girls

Blush Eliana Sandal & Hair Clip - KidsBone Reese Fringe Sandal - Kids

Tan Lace Felicity Rain Boot & Umbrella - KidsSpring Green Mila Sneaker - Kids

Brown Nicolette Boot & Bracelet - WomenBlack Avery Mary Jane & Hair Clip - Kids

Someone PLEASE shop here for your little one & then book a session with me lol! This stuff is SO gorgeous!! But seriously, session or no session, your daughter probably needs this stuff lol. You can find it here ๐Ÿ™‚ Just scroll down until you find Joyfolie Apparel & Joyfolie Footwear. And then call me for your session ๐Ÿ˜‰


The End of an Era… No More WordPress Procrastination!

Ta daaaa!!! Finally! I actually GOT this blog in February of 2012, & I FINALLY have it up & running! I don’t procrastinate AT ALL hahaha! But in all seriousness, it was SO confusing! And its not like I didn’t try! I opened it many times over the past year plus, & made a few small changes but I just couldn’t focus the time that I needed. so here we are, generally a fairly slow time for me for business, & it was exactly the down time I needed! Its been ages since I’ve blogged regularly, but I’ve missed it, so I’m hoping the fresh new space will inspire me to update regularly, my goal is 2-3 times a week, but we’ll see ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll be blogging about photography, & my business, & a little about my life in general, which will probably include my beautiful & crazy girls, music, & food lol!

So let’s see… what’s happening currently?ย  This weekend my girls are staying with their Grandma all weekend. Tomorrow I have a full day – my boyfriend Stephen’s nephew is having a graduation party & then a friend is getting married – Stephen is in it & I’m unofficially shooting it. I’m already thinking about how much I’m going to miss them, plus I tend to get a little overwhelmed when I have too many things to do in a day so I’m already a little on edge lol. I know, woe is me right,ย  one busy day has me stressed! Anyway, I guess I’m ready for it. I’ll share pictures next week!

Until then, here are a few images from my most recent commercial shoot with White Truffle Studios!ย  White Truffle is a personalized & couture accessory design studio that specializes in designing perfect accessories for men and women. This is the 4th shoot I’ve had with Jamie for her company & I love every second of every one!ย  She has an amazing vision & brings the best out of me!

ย _BVP0605








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